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"A time that I will talk about for a long time."

Johanna's experiences

Five months have passed and I don't even know where to start. Wadadee has enabled me to do so much: No, of course I couldn't change the world, but I was able to lend a hand and help achieve small goals. Among other things, I was able to support some children and teachers at school, put a smile on many children's faces, give the children a warm meal and paint walls, classrooms and playground equipment. I had the opportunity to get to know the incredibly impressive Namibia with its cultures, traditions and landscapes. And finally, I was able to turn friends into family.

I had the role of a "guinea pig" at Wadadee Cares. Maybe I didn't really get into any of the projects in the end, but I had the opportunity to get an insight into several projects. I spent my first seven weeks working at a school for the deaf. Due to communication difficulties and the feeling that I couldn't really help the children or the teachers, I left the school with a heavy heart. As a temporary solution, I represented Malin and Madita in Anna's kindergarten and took over teaching in the preschool class there. After the holidays, during which we canceled many days at Hope Village, I started working at the inclusive school for visually impaired children. There I supported the preschool teacher and made it my primary task to integrate the blind boy into the lessons. In the following holidays I supported Laura and Julie in the soup kitchen and helped Jeannie to beautify the classrooms at the Love Your Neighbor kindergarten. I think one thing applies to all projects: you have to show initiative and find tasks yourself.

On the weekends, or sometimes in between, there was enough time to explore Namibia and the neighboring countries. The south of Africa impressed me with its endless expanse, its colors and its variety of animals, landscapes and tribes. Traveling together with the other volunteers, covering thousands of kilometers and having unforgettable experiences was a huge gift for me.

Added to this is daily life in Wadadee House, which was never boring thanks to the different personalities, activities and lots of shared laughter. Some of you may be worried about living in the poor part of Windhoek, but this is precisely what allowed me to get to know the "real" life of many Africans. The constant contact with the locals, whether in the project or while shopping, and the daily presence of the prevailing poverty that resulted from it, had a lasting impact on me. At the same time, the children's shining eyes and their carefree laughter were very fulfilling and a confirmation of my decision to come to Namibia.

I can only recommend this experience to everyone!

Thank you Wadadee Cares! Thank you Lena! And also a huge thank you to my family for this exciting time!

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