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Okukura Farm Project

In order to make faster and better progress, we have decided to merge the two projects FEMpowerment and Wadadee Cares Grows into a joint initiative called OKUKURA Garden. At OKUKURA Garden, our focus is on gardening and supporting young women who are unintentionally pregnant. This allows us to provide fresh fruit and vegetables for Wadadee Cares' main projects while offering training and job opportunities to the young mothers. Through this merger, young mothers now have the chance to work in horticulture and gain valuable work experience for their future plans. In addition, we are finally able to use a suitable location to set up and launch OKUKURA Garden. Unlike other projects, OKUKURA Garden is not located in Windhoek, but about 45 km outside the capital in the direction of Rehoboth. In the past few weeks, we have already achieved some significant successes. We have completed the first "traditional green tunnel" and built a more stable variant for our hydroponic system. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from our partners and sponsors during this time. This positive response continues to motivate us and we look forward to future successes in this heartfelt project. Our team is full of energy and is passionately committed to realizing our goals at OKUKURA Garden.


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