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Home iNAMi

A loving home

At the moment, Sheila, the good soul and house mother of WADADEE cares, and a total of eight children aged between 5 and 15, can only call a small corrugated iron hut their home. Each of the children had traumatic experiences at a young age. For example, the sisters lived with their mother in Okahandja until recently. Due to her mother's alcohol consumption during pregnancy, the little girl is suffering from developmental delays and is now receiving the support she so desperately needs under the care of WADADEE cares. Her older sister did not start school until she was 10 and has a lot of catching up to do at school; she too is receiving the best possible support to overcome her deficits. She is still processing experiences of sexual abuse. She now goes to school regularly, is making good progress and visits a therapist every week.

We also have a little one in our care who has been HIV positive since birth and was abandoned by his mother. Since then, he grew up in a children's home until he found his way to Sheila, where he received the attention and love that he had been missing all his life. The other children also had to deal with threatening situations and are still processing them today. It is very touching to see how lovingly the small community is there for one another. The older ones look after the younger ones and everyone shares what little they have with each other. The success of this special, very family-oriented project has given us the courage to think further and to look for a child-friendly place with enough space. The new home offers space for eating, playing, learning and sleeping together. The house, combined with the overall concept, was given the name HOME iNAMi, which means House of Love.

In the hope and trust that our eight offspring can stay in this loving and friendly atmosphere permanently so that they learn enough independence to go their own way and that other needy children will find a home here, we, together with Especially Namibian, are putting all our available strength and energy into this project.

However, our efforts are still far from sufficient to fully finance HOME iNAMi.
We therefore hope and trust in your financial support to protect the children, who so long for a safe and reliable environment, from further losses and to give them a feeling of security.

Donate directly to the entire project using the keyword "HOME iNAMi" or become a sponsor for one of our children in particular and, together with Wadadee cares, pave the way for the little ones to have a better future!

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