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Kindergarten - A ray of hope for children in Havana

Erica Kamujame's second project, alongside her "Erica's Pre-Primary School and Daycare", which we have been supporting for several years, is located in the Havana district of Katutura. On the grounds of the "Havana" project there is a kindergarten with an integrated preschool and a soup kitchen. Due to the Corona pandemic, the young project could not be finally completed until 2020.

Havana is one of the largest slums in the area and is located on the outskirts of Katutura, where there is hardly any infrastructure in the form of electricity and water supplies or paved roads. As a result, many children grow up there in precarious conditions and access to education is a special privilege. With our Havana project, we can ensure the care of many children in Namibia and give them access to the education system.

The project is particularly noteworthy due to the large space capacity and the advanced electricity and water supply systems in the facility. The energy supply in Havana is solar power. The construction and maintenance of the kindergarten and its preschool is primarily financed by our long-term sponsor, the "RJS Foundation" from Bonn.

Every day, Erica's daughter, Bianca Kamujame, leads the preschool classes in a classroom on the premises. One of the main goals is for the children to learn English. They are taught the days of the week, the ABC, numbers and much more in a playful way. The kindergarten children also take part in singing songs, playing games and dancing, as well as in simpler learning content such as learning colors and shapes. In addition, some babies from 0 years of age are looked after and cared for in a separate room, the "baby class". Their everyday life is also characterized by playing, laughing and singing together.

The highlight for the children is the large playground with climbing frame and trampoline, which is used extensively in their free time or during breaks. While romping and climbing, the children learn additional motor skills. To strengthen self-confidence and a sense of community, care is taken to ensure that the older children help the younger ones and that the children look out for one another.

Fresh food is cooked every day in Havana's kitchen and numerous children - including not only the kindergarten preschool children, but also children from outside - receive a healthy, warm meal every day.

Wadadee cares eV supports the Havana kindergarten with preschool and soup kitchen with the help of the RJS Foundation from Bonn. The necessary food is bought weekly, new play and learning materials are purchased and maintenance work is carried out continuously. The volunteers from Wadadee cares eV provide Bianca and her team with active support in teaching, looking after and caring for the children.

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