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PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL & DAYCARE - Learning through play in Wanaheda

Oponganda Pre-primary School & Day Care is a facility consisting of a daycare center for young children, a kindergarten and a preschool in Wanaheda, Katutura. "Oponganda" was founded and officially opened in 1995 by the then First Lady of Namibia, Mrs. Kovambo Nujoma.

Around 50 children come to the care facility every day. The children are divided into two groups depending on their individual level of development. Age plays a minor role. The Maria Montessori learning system has been introduced throughout the facility. The classrooms are adapted to the individual needs of the students.

The aim is to provide non-profit, high-quality and easily accessible early intervention and childcare programs. The focus here is on the individual needs of the children and families in the immediate area, who predominantly belong to the socially disadvantaged section of the country. The activities in the classroom are also geared towards this.

Montessori teaching is practice-oriented and students are encouraged to discover information independently and experiment with their own abilities and possibilities. The children are given as much time as they need at their own individual learning pace.

The facility is located on a large site and has several learning rooms, a music room and its own library. With appropriate financial support, the project can be continued in a child-friendly manner and equipped with a playground and a garden project.

Wadadee cares eV supports the project with volunteers who help the teachers keep the children busy and with preschool lessons.

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