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Villa Colourful

Creating community

The Villa Colourful kindergarten, also located in Katutura, is run by Laurentia Siwoko. Together with the two teachers Victoria and Nangula, the volunteers look after a total of 50 children and prepare them for entry into primary school. With trust, transparency and openness, a basis is to be created in which every child feels welcome and accepted in the facility.

Strengthening children's self-confidence and expanding their basic knowledge are two of the most important goals for Laurentia and her staff. Motor skills and language skills are taught through dance, singing and painting, among other things. Logical and independent thinking and understanding are also encouraged with educational learning games.

For Laurentia, it is particularly important to build a trusting relationship through open conversations, which serves as the basis for educational work. The aim is, among other things, to create and experience a shared, cooperative and appreciative relationship. This requires the support of teachers and volunteers in order to convey attitudes, values and norms.

The kindergarten receives financial support on a monthly basis from our partner organisation Especially Namibian Trust . Together with Wadadee Cares eV, our volunteers can also provide human resources to help with everyday tasks.

Due to the high demand and the increasing number of children who depend on this care, we need ongoing support to continue to provide the kindergarten with learning and play materials. There are also efforts, with appropriate financial support, to provide all children with a hot meal every day.

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