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Bernhard Nordkamp Center

Learn with success

The BNC, named after the anti-apartheid fighter Bernhard Nordkamp, is an afternoon care center with school-based activities in the middle of Katutura. Every day, around 150 children from various schools, who attend grades 1 to 5, come to the BNC to learn and play. There, they are given playful access to reading, writing and arithmetic in accordance with the "child-centered learning" approach. The children receive help with learning difficulties, with completing homework or with preparing for tests.

After a shared lunch, the children have the opportunity to take part in various sporting, musical or creative activities. At the BNC, every child is given the chance to learn and be supported individually. The aim of this project is to let the children experience appreciation and success so that they can develop freely in a safe place.

Wadadee cares eV helps the management of the BNC by providing volunteers who work, learn and play with the children every day. In addition, Wadadee cares eV can provide financial support for the purchase of learning and play materials with extra donations.

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