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Become a sponsor for a child

Become a sponsor for one of our children who is staying in our own children's home HOME iNAMi . There they are lovingly cared for by the house mother Sheila, who offers them a real family together with her own children. In addition to their basic needs, many of these children also require special therapeutic measures due to traumatic experiences, which they receive with your help. In this way, you also enable these children, who have been rejected by their parents or society, to develop in an age-appropriate manner and live a dignified life.

The aim is to support these needy children on a monthly basis through a permanent sponsorship and thus give them a chance to integrate into society.
Because the family-like nature of the project means that the children remain in contact with us even after they leave HOME iNAMi, they can avoid alcohol abuse or life on the streets. This is the surest way to lead the children out of the cycle of illness, poverty and unemployment and thus offer them the safest and healthiest life possible.

Anyone can become a sponsor for one of the children from HOME iNAMi. The monthly fee depends on the child's age and needs. We look forward to hearing from you and your support!

Sponsorships for a place in preschool

The Love Your Neighbour Pre-Primary School is located in the poorest district of Katutura, where the poorest of the poor live. Many parents cannot afford the very low monthly fee of 15 euros.
Wadadee cares therefore arranges sponsorships for a place in preschool so that even the children of the poorest have access to education and healthy nutrition.

This monthly contribution includes a hot meal a day, full-day care for the children, and the purchase of additional needs, such as warm clothing or blankets in winter.

Sponsorships for teaching materials in preschool

Since many parents cannot afford the monthly fee for their children at Love Your Neighbour Pre-Primary School , we try to finance all teaching materials such as pens, books, paper, teaching aids, as well as the furnishing of the premises for around 300 children.
Wadadee cares therefore arranges sponsorships for all teaching materials in preschool so that even the poorest children can have access to education.

This monthly contribution is freely selectable, as even small amounts can make a big difference.

Become a sponsor!

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