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Only about three weeks after the arrival of our volunteer Nika at the beginning of this year, there were serious re

Only about three weeks after our volunteer Nika arrived at the beginning of this year, there was heavy rain over Katutura and Havana. The sand was washed away from our playground in the Havana Pre-Primary and Daycare project, making it inaccessible for the children. The missing sand exposed the concrete foundations of the climbing frame, creating sharp edges and corners that could lead to serious injuries. In addition, a supporting beam on one of the climbing frames broke. Nika launched a private appeal for donations from family members and friends to buy toys for recess and for the children's creative and cognitive development. A number of donations in cash and in kind were collected, so that warm clothing for the winter could also be distributed to the afternoon children. In addition, artificial turf was purchased, which was rolled out between the classroom and the kitchen. The children can now play football on it, dance and learn in a soft atmosphere. We hope to be able to repair the playground as soon as possible and are happy to receive any donation, no matter how small!


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