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Wadadee cares needs your help!

Dear supporters, the Wadadee cares team has been working on a new project for some time now. “Okurura Garden” is to become a mother-child home where underage mothers and their babies will find a safe home and, with our help, will be able to take care of their own future and that of their babies.

Unfortunately, unwanted teenage pregnancies, sometimes caused by domestic violence, are a major problem in Namibia. 20% of all women aged 13-19 are either pregnant or already have children.

Wadadee cares is currently caring for three young mothers, all of whom have given birth in the last three months. Each of these women has different needs and we do our best to provide them and their babies with the full support they need.

We provide the young mothers and their babies with safe accommodation and meals, accompany them to doctor's appointments, hold educational talks, advise them on child care and provide them with diapers, baby food and clothing. We are particularly concerned about the mothers' education, as it can create new perspectives and help them build a positive future for themselves and their children. All three mothers receive the support they need to continue their education and achieve their professional goals.

In addition to practical support, it is equally important to us to support the young women emotionally and mentally. We offer various options to address and deal with problems and traumas.

We are currently urgently looking for donations to continue this valuable work. Your support can make a decisive difference in the lives of these young mothers and their children and we sincerely ask for your help so that we can continue to help the three young women and their babies.

Please help us give them the future they deserve.

Wadadee cares

IBAN: DE34 3905 0000 1070 1832 21


Savings Bank Aachen


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