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Pre-Primary school & Day care

Erica's Pre-primary School & Day Care is a facility consisting of a small kindergarten, a pre-school and an afternoon care center in Goreangab, Katutura. In the poorest district of Katutura there are only corrugated huts, without access to water and electricity and without sufficient educational opportunities for the children, which are so important to get out of this living situation.

In order to improve the children's chances, Erika Kamujame founded a children's facility in 2005, which she still runs in her own house today. At the beginning, only 3 children were cared for, but by 2008 the number of children entrusted to her had grown to 15. Currently, over 60 children of various backgrounds between the ages of 0 and 6 regularly attend the kindergarten. Erica, a young lady named Bianca and the teacher Helena are three full-time employees who work in the facility. With a lot of love and patience, they teach the children basic knowledge about the Bible and other important areas in order to prepare them for primary school and their future lives.

For older children, Erica and the others are also happy to help with homework in the afternoons. They also cook a healthy and nutritious meal for the children twice a day.

Wadadee cares supports Erica with donations of money and goods as well as volunteers who help the young women and teach the children English in a playful way.

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