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Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen is located in the back part of the former township of Katutura. It was founded 10 years ago by Monika Imanga and Eileen Greene, the main sponsor from Canada.

The aim of this project is to provide healthy food to children in need every day. The meals are prepared in a nearby kitchen and delivered to Monika's soup kitchen. In a small corrugated iron hut with the most necessary materials such as tables, chairs and plates, Monika and her helpers manage to provide up to 1000 children with a warm meal every day.

We want to support them in this in the future.

"Go Future"

The soup kitchen is limited to serving food. However, volunteers have the option of getting involved with these children in addition to this. This is how the sister company "Go Future" was founded, which was founded by volunteers Linda Landwehr and Rebecca Annussek. The focus is on education.

In this part of Katutura, more than 80% often fail to pass the exam. There is a lack of space, school materials and trained teachers. Namibian school classes have up to 60 children, making efficient learning impossible. Many children fail and only a few graduate.

That is why "Go Future" supports the learning of twenty carefully selected children in need who have come into contact with the volunteers through Monica's soup kitchen. In a small corrugated iron hut, equipped with materials such as tables and chairs, they offer the children the opportunity to receive additional lessons or tutoring.

The aim is to give at least some children the chance to complete their school education and thus the opportunity for a better future.

Wadadee Cares continues this project together with Monica in the spirit of the founders.

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