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Visit to the Quelle Comprehensive School at Wadadee Cares

In addition to our well-known program for volunteers from all over the world, Wadadee cares also offers the organization and supervision of student groups. At the end of March it was that time again and we had a visit from a group of students from the Quelle Comprehensive School in Bielefeld. 17 girls and boys came to Katutura with their teachers to help us with our projects. During their two-week stay, they supported us in particular in Monica's soup kitchen and in the Inami children's home. Their job was to renovate the playground at Monica's and give it new, brightly colored paint, and at Inami they played with the children and, where necessary, helped with their homework. It was a great experience for the young people to get to know the work and projects of Wadadee cares as part of their school partnership. We all had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to the next visit to the Quelle Comprehensive School in two years. If you are interested in a school partnership, you can send an inquiry to We look forward to it.


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